The Best Printable HTV – How To Use Printable Iron-On

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I had so much fun making my video all about finding the best brand of HTV. If you haven't watched it, go over to the video section of the site and search "printable HTV" you won't be sorry! I wanted to write down all the steps for printable Iron-On success so you could use them too. Here's the full tutorial about The Best Printable HTV - How To Use Printable Iron-On. We used a beautiful floral file from 2019's Easter Collection.


  • Cricut Maker or Other Die Cutting Machine
  • Ink-Jet Printer (We use Canon TS8120)
  • T-Shirt
  • StandardGrip Cutting Mat
  • Measuring Tape
  • Cricut EasyPress
  • Cricut EasyPress Mat
  • NuFun Iron-On Heat Transfer Sheets

How to Make This Project

  1. First things first, be sure to prewash your shirt!
  2. Measure your shirt then size your file in Design Space to fit well onto your shirt.
  3. Load your printer with NuFun Printable Iron-On. Send your sized file to your printer to print.
  4. Once printed apply it onto the top left corner of the Cricut mat and allow the machine to cut out the design. We used the cut setting for dark printable iron-on.
  5. Once cut weed the exess vinyl from the backing and carefully peel off your design.
  6. preheat your EasyPress to 300 degrees.
  7. Apply your design where you'd like it to go on your shirt. Be sure the shirt is laying on top of the EasyPress Mat.
  8. Don't forget to also lay the included transfer sheet over your design before you heat it.
  9. While applying steady firm pressure on your design, heat to adhere for 20 seconds.
  10. Once cooled, remove the transfer sheet and enjoy.

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