Multi-Layered Iron-On Canvas Kids Room Art

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This is a super fun spin canvas project. You can make really cute room decor without getting too messy in the craft room. This adorable cartoon lion file is from the Kids Collection. This would make a great gift for anyone you know that's expecting as well!


  • Cricut Maker
  • Cricut Yellow and Brown Iron-On
  • StandardGrip Cutting Mat
  • Cricut EasyPress 2, 10"x 12"
  • Cricut EasyPress Mat
  • Canvas
  • Weeding Tool Set
  • Measuring Tape

How to Make This Project

  1. Open your file in Design Space and size it to fit well onto your canvas.
  2. Once sized load your first mat, mirror your image, set your material, and let the Cricut cut.
  3. Repeat with your second mat.
  4. Weed your cut images and heat up your EasyPress.
  5. Lay your canvas onto the EasyPress mat and place your largest layer of Iron-On where you’d like it to go. Heat your Iron-On, applying firm pressure.
  6. Peel off the transfer paper, apply your second layer, replace the transfer sheet overtop of the whole thing, and heat again.
  7. While still warm, slowly peel off the transfer sheets to reveal your Iron-On.