Mandala Vinyl Decal Notebook

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You can make this vinyl decal easily for a notebook that you'd like to be dedicated to creativity. You can use scrap vinyl pieces in this project, too. This is a super easy tutorial so if you'd like to make it just follow the simple instructions down below! I love this versatile cut file from the specialty blade collection.


  • Notebook
  • Cricut Maker
  • Weeding Tool Set
  • Pink Cricut Vinyl
  • Cricut Transfer Paper
  • LightGrip Cutting Mat
  • Measuring Tape

How to Make This Project

  1. Measure and size the file in Cricut Design Space to fit well onto your notebook.
  2. Load your mat, select your material, and let the Cricut do its thing.
  3. Once cut, weed your designs then measure and cut a piece of transfer paper big enough to fit around your first layer.
  4. Apply the transfer paper to the vinyl and burnish with your Cricut scraper tool.
  5. Peel the backing off and place your design where you’d like it to go on your notebook. Burnish again then peel off the transfer paper.