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Hi everyone, if you’re looking for a fun Cricut card tutorial, or a unique Valentine’s card to make for your loved ones, you are going to love how easy it is to make your very own Shaker Card with Cricut


We are going to begin by downloading our files from Makers Gonna Learn. Go to cut files and download the “Geometric Heart”.

We are also going to download the “ILY” cut file from our Valentine’s Day Collection. Once those are downloaded. we are going to upload these into Cricut Design Space.

I’m going to begin by picking up the Geometric Heart. We’re going to select “Simple” and add this as a “Cut image”. Our card is a standard A2 size, so we are going to size it to four and a quarter by five and a half.

Next, I’m going to go to the “ILY” cut file. It’s also going to be a “Simple” image and we’re going to bring it in as a print file.

We’re going to bring this down to size so that it fits under the heart. Select the heart to cut and the ILY to draw. Then go ahead and send everything to your machine.

Once everything is cut, we can go ahead and assemble the card. For the materials, you’re going to need white cardstock, a white card base, and a piece of red cardstock. I’ve cut everything to four and a quarter by five and a half.

You will also need two pieces of acetate and embellishments such as sequins, crafty glue, foam adhesive, flat adhesive and a pair of detail scissors.

We’re going to place our cardstock on a Cricut standard mat four and a quarter by five and a half and do the steps that we did previously. Then we’re going to repeat the cutting of the Geometric heart.

Now we are ready to assemble the card. We are going to place some flat adhesive on the edge of the heart on the backside of the cardstock. Once that is done, we’re gonna place the acetate. You can buy sheets of acetate on your local craft store or take it from some packaging.

Then, on the red heart that we cut from the monogram heart, we’re going to add some glue. You want something that goes on with a fine tip and dries clear. Use a light touch with the glue.

We’re going to place it starting at the bottom corner and running it up. Now you have a gorgeous window ready for your shaker.

Next, we’re going to flip this over and add foam strips. This is just regular foam adhesive. It’s too wide, so I’m actually going to cut them into thin strips. Be sure to cover with foam strips from top to bottom so there are no little gaps where your embellishment can pop out.

Peel off the backing of the foam tape to reveal the sticky part and add your embellishments. I’m using an assortment of embellishments in pink, clear and red. You can use sequins or anything that you have at your disposal. Just be sure that these lay flat before placing your card base on.

Try to place your card base on evenly. Press down on the adhesive and your shaker is now ready to go.

For a finishing touch, I am using the same embellishments on the front panel over by the I love you at the top left corner and on the bottom right corner. That’s it! A beautiful shaker card made with your Cricut and Makers Gonna Learn files.