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How To Iron-On Tumblers

Welcome back! We have another great tutorial for you! Today, we’re going to teach you How To Iron-On Tumblers. We’ve tried making iron-on tumblers many times and there are some tips and tricks you need to know to get the best results. We have tested this multiple times to make sure that we have the perfect tutorial for you. You’re going to love this! Tumblers are such fun and they make great gifts.

All you’re going to need to make this project is:

  • A tumbler. We recommend that it is stainless steel. It can be plain or colored.
  • Iron-on vinyl. Today, we’re using glitter iron-on. I have found it’s a little easier to get it to adhere and it will hide any little flaws that might occur with your design.
  • An EasyPress. I highly recommend this 6 by 7 EasyPress for this project. You can use one of the larger ones but it takes a bit more effot.
  • A cloth. You need a cloth you can fold up and place the tumbler on so that it won’t roll around.
  • Some rubbing alcohol and a small cloth or something similar to wipe down your tumbler with. This will help eliminate any dirt and oils that can interfere with getting your vinyl to adhere properly.

We’ve cut out our monogram that we’ll be using for this tumbler just like with any other project. Just a reminder that when you are ready to cut out your design, if you are using glitter iron-on, be sure to select that setting in design space. You do not want to choose just the plain iron-on setting as it will not cut all the way through, so make sure that you are being very specific in design space when talking about your materials.

After you have this weeded, just peel it up. There’s a bit of excess along the edges, so we’re going to take some scissors and snip off the excess. You do want a bit of excess left behind as this really helps us with adhering our design to the tumbler.

Next, we’re going to get our alcohol and wipe down the tumbler. We really want this to be super clean.

Once the alcohol has dried, it’s all good to go. Make sure your EasyPress is preheated to 300 degrees. This is really important! We tested this several times and 300 degrees was found to be the best for both normal iron-on and glitter iron on. We’re going to place our design where we want and we’re going to make sure to do a really good job to stick this down to the sides. We really want this to adhere well.

Once it’s stuck down pretty well, grab the EasyPress that’s preheated to 300 degrees. Start at one side and make this little rocking motion while giving good pressure all over the monogram.

I have to say that this is not at all as hard as it may seem or as hard as it may look. Because this is a curved surface, it does take a lot longer to do but it is worth it in the end. We’re just really making sure that we’ve gone around the whole monogram. You’ll start to see bubbles and those are a great sign. We’ll keep going to make sure you get in all the little letters and then once you think that you might have it adhered well, just let your tumbler cool for a minute or so. This is most definitely a project that you want to let cool down for quite some time before you start to peel away very slowly.

What do you think about these tumblers? I think they turned out so cute! Now again, if you do want to use regular iron-on or you want to do a multi-layer project or multi-color projects you can absolutely do that and get super creative, but this tutorial is a great one to begin making your own iron-on tumblers.