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How to Emboss with Cricut Maker

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When I heard that Cricut was coming out with some new blades and tools for the Cricut Maker die cutting machine, I was pretty excited! I bet you were too. Being able to do more and more with my Cricut machine is one of the reasons I love it so much. Today, we’re going to show you how to emboss with Cricut Maker.

These new Cricut adaptive tools greatly expand the types of die cutting craft projects we can make. With all of the previous tools and now a Perforation blade, Wavy blade, Debossing tool, and Engraving tool, the possibilities are endless. If you’re a die cutting craft enthusiast, you’re going to want to learn more about these amazing Cricut tools.

How to Emboss with Cricut Maker

Before going any further, I just want to point out that these adaptive tools are only available for the Cricut Maker and will not work on any other Cricut die cutting machines.

Using The New Cricut Adaptive Tools

About the New Cricut Adaptive Tools

You’ll notice when you look at our Cricut adaptive tools here that only one of them has the housing with it.

Note: You’ll also notice that one of the blades is missing. We don’t have the Perforation tool yet.

Quick Swap Housing On Cricut Adaptive Tools

This is because you don’t need a separate housing for each. Instead, it uses the Quick Swap housing (same kind as the Cricut scoring wheel) and you can simply swap out the blades as needed. They pop in and out really easily!

You can learn more about the Cricut Scoring Wheel here.

Using The Cricut Debossing Tool

Cricut Debossing Tool Craft Project Tutorial

Today we’re going to be using the Cricut debossing tool for a really fun craft project.

Us State Cut Files From Makers Gonna Learn

We’re going to be using one of our new US state cut files from our Makers Gonna Learn membership. We’ve grabbed our SVG and added it to the canvas in Cricut Design Space.

Remember, if you’re a yearly member of the Makers Gonna Learn die cutting craft community, you have access to our 160+ fonts (as well as hundreds of cut files with more added monthly)! Add to that a private Facebook group, free tutorials and workshops, printable guides, and more! Not yet a member? Check it out here

Duplicate The File In Cricut Design Space

Getting Started with Debossing

Now, we want to duplicate it.

Select Deboss Under Line Type On Cricut Design Space

Select one of the designs and go to edit. Under Linetype, choose Deboss and then hit Apply.

Making A Craft Project With Cricut Debossing Tool

For the next step, we’re going to use our other SVG image. Select it and choose Actions.

Select Hide Contour As The Next Step Of Our Debossing Craft Project

Now select Hide Contour.

Contour Out The Letters And Heart In Our Cut File

We’re going to select and contour out the letters and the heart so that all we’re left with is the state outline. This way we have one layer ready for debossing and the other one ready to cut out the state shape.

Arranging The Layers Of Our Cut File

Getting Your Embossing Design Ready for Cutting

For visualization purposes, we changed the state shape orange so you can see the layers more easily. Now we need to arrange our layers. Select the layer you made orange and choose Arrange and then, Send to Back.

Drag The Deboss Layer Over The Background

Drag the debossing layer over the background layer. So now, you’ll have a debossed edge and a cut edge.

Click Make It To See The Layers Of Your Die Cutting Project

This is going to want to print as separate layers. If you click Make It, you’ll see that they’ve been placed on two different cutting mats.

Attach The Layers So They Cut As One

Select both of your layers, click Actions, and Attach.

Cut File After Using Attach In Cricut Design Space

Now if you select Make It, you’ll see on your mat preview, that both layers have been attached and placed together on one cutting mat.

Using Cricut Kraft Board For Debossing Project

Selecting Materials and Tools

For this project, we’re going to be using Cricut Foil Kraft Board. This is a thicker material that is great to deboss on. It will show your debossing detail really well.

Using The Cricut Debossing Tool In The Cricut Maker

When you go to set your material before cutting, it will show you which materials you can choose for debossing. Then, it goes on to showing you which tools to load and where. You’re going to put the debossing tool in Clamp B.

The great thing is that after it finishes debossing your design, the machine is going to stop and go back over it to cut. So once you’ve put the debossing tool in your machine, load your mat and press the flashing Cricut button.

Cricut Maker Has Finished Debossing The Design
Creating A Debossed Design With Cricut Maker

Now, the machine has stopped debossing and now it’s going to prompt us to take out the debossing tool and insert our fine tip blade. Press the flashing Cricut button again to start cutting.

Embossed Project With Cricut Maker

The debossing effect is quite deep and really comes out looking quite professional.

Working With The New Cricut Adaptive Tools

We just love this new Cricut adaptive tool and can’t wait to try the other ones. This embossing effect would be perfect to use for scrapbooking, greeting cards, and so many other amazing craft projects.

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Learn to emboss with Cricut Maker and the debossing tool

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