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How To Connect Cursive Fonts in Cricut Design Space

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Are you having difficulty figuring out how to easily connect cursive fonts in Cricut Design Space? It can be tricky especially if you’re a die cutting beginner. Don’t worry though! This tutorial is going to show you how to kern those fonts and connect them seamlessly.

Rachel is going to show you how easy it can be to connect your fonts and create some beautiful cursive writing in Cricut Design Space. This is going to come in so handy when it comes to customizing your die cutting craft projects or creating your own text for your designs. Once you see this tutorial, you’ll be all set to dive right in and start crafting with your Cricut machine!

How To Connect Cursive Fonts In Cricut Design Space

How To Connect Cursive Fonts in Cricut Design Space

To get started, we’re going to find a font that we want to work with today. Head on over to Makers Gonna Learn and find the font you’d like to use. Our fonts are available for yearly members. We have hundreds of them and are adding more all the time.

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How To Connect Cursive In Design Space

We’re working on our iOS device today but you can certainly use your laptop or desktop. We will point out a couple of things in this tutorial that can only be done on your iOS device so you’ll want to keep reading for those.

Type Each Word Into A Separate Text Box

Today, we’re using the Community font. Now, we want to show you a little tip. We like to put each word into its own text box. You don’t have to do this but we find that working with each word separately, there are fewer steps and kerning is an easier process.

Not sure how to get your chosen font into your design? This post explains how to download a font into Cricut Design Space.

Adjust The Letter Spacing

The first thing we’re going to do is to go to “Edit” and then “Letter Spacing”.

Moving Letters Closer Together

As we hit the minus sign, you’ll see that the letters in our word start moving closer and closer together.

Letter Spacing May Not Be Perfect But A Helpful Start

As you’ll see as you bring the letters together, sometimes they will join up perfectly but you can see here that there’s some overlap between the “l” and the “o” that we don’t want. So, get it as good as you can without any of that overlapping and then click “Actions” and “Ungroup”.

Ungroup The Letters

Some of the letters – like the L and the O – are already exactly as we want them. So, we’re going to select those 2 letters by dragging our finger over them. Now, we can move those two around as one unit.

In this way, we can fine tune our spacing without messing up the parts that are already set up just as we want them. We can take the L and the O as one unit and move it over to meet the other L until they’re connected perfectly!

Fine Tuning The Spacing With Cursive Fonts

Now that the two “L’s” and the O are connected the way we want them, we are going to select all 3 of those letters. This way, we can move them as one unit over to connect to the letter E better.

Once we’re happy with that, we’re going to select the whole word. Many people think at this point we’d want to select Attach, but remember, this is like using a paper clip or glue to temporarily hold the letters together. For this, we want to use Weld.

By using Weld, the letters of this word are joined together and cut together seamlessly. If you use Attach, Cricut Design Space still sees them as individual letters – not one whole word. When it cuts, you’ll end up with extra cuts in your word where those letters overlap.

Difference Between Kerned Cursive Font And Unkerned

Look at the difference between the word that we have kerned and the word that hasn’t been done yet! Using the technique outlined above, get your next word joined together so that the cursive font flows nicely. Keep repeating until all words in your design have been kerned.

See how easy that was? It takes a bit of time and work to get your font all joined up exactly as you’d like it to be, but it’s quite simple to do. What cursive font do you want to work with first?