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DIY Cricut Vinyl Decal Notebooks

Do you get as excited at back to school time as I do? You don’t have to be going to school to love a pretty notebook. After all, you still need to write things down so why not make the notebooks you’re writing in super cute ones?. I use notebooks all year long so why wait for back to school time to find some that I like? I’m going to be creative and add my own spin on a plain old boring journal. These are the best DIY projects because they’re so simple and take so little time that you just squeeze in a project or two anytime! The most difficult thing about making these DIY Cricut Vinyl Decal Notebooks is deciding what design to use. There are just so many amazing designs to choose from! On our membership Website Makers Gonna Learn, we have more than 150 designs.They are all really great designs so you’re going to have a tough time picking one out. If you love to craft with your die cutting machine you MUST check it out. You’re going to love these fun vinyl and iron-on projects!

DIY “Grow Ideas” Notebook

DIY "Grow Ideas" Notebook

You might be thinking that a notebook as floral as this doesn’t need any added style but I think the vinyl took it to the next level. I knew when I saw the floral design in the store that I had to use our fun “Grow Ideas” cut file. I think it turned out awesome. We made this one in two different colors which I feel was a good move too. The key to this project is definitely the transfer paper from Cricut! It ensures you’ll get your design where you need it to go without and cuts the guesswork in half.

DIY “Adventure Is Out There” Notebook

DIY "Adventure Is Out There" Notebook

For this simple notebook, we added some gold vinyl and it really made a world of difference. That’s what these designs do; take things like a notebook from plain and drab to an adventure journal you can’t wait to write in. All it takes is faith, trust, and pixie-oh sorry, I was daydreaming about the adventures I could write about in Neverland looking at this gorgeous journal! As I was saying all it takes is some creativity to pick up a boring notebook and get inspired on how you can transform it.

I love these notebook ideas! Too many times I walk into a store shopping for the perfect journal and end up disappointed with their selection. With the Cricut and these amazing cut files from Makers Gonna Learn I know I can always make my journals exactly how I want them. I hope you enjoyed seeing how you can transform your journals and notebooks as much as I did creating them!