DIY Cricut Gift Boxes

If you are giving someone a gift, you probably want them to ooh and aah from the moment they see the packaging. These DIY Cricut Gift Boxes are sure to put a smile on any gift recipient’s face. DIY Cricut Gift Boxes We have rounded up some amazing gift box ideas that you can make […]

Determine the Best Cutting Pressure for Cricut

One of the questions we get all the time is How to Determine the Best Cutting Pressure for Cricut Machines. Too often we replace blades when we could have just changed the pressure on and used them for several more weeks! Or perhaps we have a blade that is cutting not only through our vinyl […]

Cricut Crafts You Can Make and Sell

If you’re ready to turn your crafting into a business, you’re going to love these ideas for Cricut Crafts You Can Make and Sell. We love making all kinds of craft projects with our Cricut machines. They are so versatile and even allow us to make custom projects, so they’re perfect for making items that […]

How To Clean Your Cricut Mats 3 Ways!

You guys are in for a real treat! Get ready to have your mind blown, with this amazing video and post all about How To Clean Your Cricut Mats 3 Ways! This is not your typical Cricut mat cleaning video, because we compare 3 ways to clean your Cricut mats that REALLY work! You can watch […]

Cricut Resin Projects to Inspire You

We just love the look of resin on our craft projects. It looks amazing and adds that layer of protection too. These Cricut Resin Projects will inspire you if you’re looking to make some resin crafts too. Cricut Resin Projects Before we share these resin craft projects that we have rounded up for you, we […]

Cricut Projects You Can Make in Under an Hour

Are you a fan of quick craft projects? Don’t get me wrong – we could all probably happily stay in our craft rooms for hours and hours, but sometimes you just want some super quick and easy Cricut Projects You Can Make in Under an Hour. Today, we’ve rounded up some Cricut craft projects that […]

Level Up Your Cricut Skills – 5 Hidden Settings!

If you have a Cricut machine, it’s always a good idea to constantly be looking for ways to level up your Cricut Skills. In this video and blog post, we’re going to show you 5 HIDDEN Design Space settings that you may have never seen or used before! There is a LOT to learn when […]

Cricut Shadow Box Ideas You’ll Love

We just love shadow boxes. They’re so versatile and such a great way to display some amazing home decor and memorabilia items. Recently, we went looking for some Cricut Shadow Box Ideas we could make for our homes. These craft projects are ones we have rounded up for you. There is something here for pretty […]

Outdoor Cricut Craft Projects to Make NOW!

It’s summertime! YAY! We’re spending a lot more time outside and loving every minute of it. These Outdoor Cricut Craft Projects are so cute and so much fun. You’re going to want to make all of them! We have rounded up some craft projects from here on Makers Gonna Learn and some of our favorite […]

Ultimate DIY Cricut Craft Room Transformation

It’s time for the Ultimate DIY Cricut Craft Room Transformation! As you may know, we recently moved our Makers Gonna Learn craft studio from a home basement to its own separate location. It’s perfect for allowing the whole team to work together. That left me without a craft room in my home though! As you […]