Materials to Use with Cricut Infusible Ink

If you’ve been using Cricut Infusible Ink to make your die cutting projects, the next question you probably have is what else can I use with it? Of course, there are the basics: the Cricut blanks you can buy for making t-shirts, tote bags, and coasters, for example. If you’re thinking you are limited to […]

10 Reasons You Need to Buy a Silhouette Cameo

Are you on the fence when it comes to buying yourself a Silhouette Cameo cutting machine? Your craft room simply isn’t complete with an amazing die cutting machine. You will be amazing by just how much you can do with it. Hint: It’s not just about die cutting either. There is way more to a […]

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Cricut Infusible Ink

Are you as excited about Cricut Infusible Ink as we are? There has been so much talk about it recently in Cricut die cutting craft circles. When you think of Cricut machines and all they could do already, it’s pretty amazing, but this product takes things to the next level. It’s important to know as […]

Beginner Tips for Designing in Silhouette Studio

Getting started with designing in Silhouette Studio is not as difficult as you might think! Of course, there are premade cut files that you can use and there are many ways to customize those to your particular needs. But there may also be occasional times when you might want a custom design too. Whichever type […]

How to Thicken Fonts in Silhouette Studio

New Silhouette. Check.  Picked out your favorite font for your first project. Check. Font is really thin, making it incredibly difficult to cut and weed well. Ugh. There’s no need to get frustrated though. We are here to show just how to thicken fonts in Silhouette Studio so you can create the projects you want […]

5 Tips To Save Money On Cricut Supplies

We all love crafting with our die cutting machines, but if you’re making a lot of craft projects, it can start to get expensive. If you’re a Cricut fan, you know these supplies don’t grow on trees. We see all these fun ideas and we want to make all the things. Sometimes though, we just […]

How To Change Your Silhouette Default Blade

Your Silhouette machine came with a default setting for the blade. Of course, you can always change the blade setting each and every time you use your machine but did you know that you can actually change the default? Once you know how to change your Silhouette default blade, you’ll realize just how convenient it […]

Cricut Machine Tips & Tricks – Master Your Cricut Today!

If you’re a beginner and a bit overwhelmed when it comes to using your Cricut machine, you’re going to love these simple tips and tricks. They will help you master your Cricut and help you move forward on your crafting journey. We know that sometimes when you get a new crafting tool like a die […]