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10 Things You Can Cut With Your Cricut That Aren’t Vinyl

We know a lot of Cricut owners who think that they’re limited to the basics – vinyl and iron on – but you’re not! You can actually get crafty with a lot of different things just by tweaking your machine a little bit here and there.

We really want to inspire you here at Makers Gonna Learn! So, we’re going to show you 10 things you can cut with your Cricut that aren’t vinyl. You are going to love these ideas for your die cutting projects!

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10 Things You Can Cut With Your Cricut That Aren’t Vinyl

Glitter Cardstock

I want to start off with a glitter cardstock. You might not think that your Cricut can cut this but it most definitely can. It doesn’t even have to be the Cricut brand of glitter cardstock.

We found one that’s a bit thicker and all we had to do was to turn our glitter cardstock setting up to a higher pressure. It cut flawlessly! Don’t be afraid of the beautiful cardstock that you see in your local craft store because if you want to craft with it you totally can!

Chipboard, Balsa Wood, Basswood

Next up are chipboard, balsa wood, basswood and things like that. If you have the Cricut Maker with its adaptive tool system, cutting items like this is no problem at all. Sometimes, there are little hacks you can do with your Explore Air to cut some of the thinner woods too!

These materials are cheap and well-made so they are great to use in your die-cutting projects. It does take a little bit longer to cut things though. It’s a great material to use when making home decor items.

Leather and Faux Leather

Our next items are leather and faux leather. Generally try and stay away from the thicker leather as it doesn’t work as well. I do recommend if you’re buying leather or faux leather for one project, always get an extra sheet and use it as a tester sheet.

You don’t want to be coming down to the wire and maybe waste some of your material because you haven’t tested it in advance. Leather is great to work with though and there are so many uses for it! It’s perfect for working with iron-on, leather bracelets and more.


Another one is felt. You would be surprised how often we use felt in the craft studio. We make a lot of things out of it – felt flowers, pillows, and so much more. We even have an adorable little Tooth Fairy pillow made out of felt. It’s adorable!

You need to use the rotary blade with the Cricut Maker’s adaptive tool system for most felt projects. Sometimes you can get away with your normal fine point blade or your deep cut blade but it will depend on the particular type of felt you’re using. And don’t forget, you’ll need to use a fabric grip mat for felt projects too!

Be sure to check out some of the projects we’ve made over on Makers Gonna Learn or on our Youtube channel.


I love cutting burlap. The Cricut maker was definitely a lifesaver when I was creating the decor for my DIY wedding. It cuts burlap like a dream and made the projects so much quicker and easier to make! You are going to love the results you get.

Craft Plastic

Another thing is craft plastic. You can use this to make reusable stencils. How great is that to be able to create your own customized stencils? I have a video all about making reusable stencils and you can check that out here.

You can also use it for all sorts of different projects – card-making or any other projects where you need a clear overlay. Check out the plastic sheets that you can find at your craft store or dollar store and start cutting!

Duct Tape

Next up is duct tape. I would recommend using the rotary blade with the Cricut Maker. I have noticed that the fine point and deep cut blade tend to drag a little bit with the tape. Duct tape comes in so many awesome colors and patterns and it will cut beautifully with the rotary blade.

Aluminum Foil

Another is aluminum foil. Some people are asking why would you ever want to use aluminum foil? Well, it’s not really for a craft project as much as it is a great way to sharpen your blade. If you take a sheet, you lay it on your mat and cut out a hundred circles, that blade will sharpen up really well.


Last but not least is fabric especially if you have the Cricut maker and the rotary blade. I love that the Cricut maker was basically created for a ton of types of crafters in mind whether that be DIY or home decor or just straight-up card makers and paper crafters.

It’s always good to jump out of your comfort zone and try things that you otherwise wouldn’t have tried. I tested and found out other Cricut could cut but they just didn’t seem very economical or very useful to me.

So, I narrowed it down to the top ten that I felt would be perfect for you to use on a daily or weekly basis in your crafting endeavors. I hope that you all have enjoyed learning more about these 10 Things You Can Cut With Your Cricut That Aren’t Vinyl!